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Published on December 20th, 2013 | by Alison McCandlish


Schools programme project news

Since the Scottish learning festival in September and the official #DigCW2014 project launch in October the team at the Digital Commonwealth Project have been working with Local Authorities all over Scotland to gather ideas and project submissions to help learners tell their own stories through blogs, video, audio and social media using readily available technology.   The projects help develop and promote digital media literacy skills in in the lead up to, during, and after the Games.

All of the schools are framing projects based around the four project themes of people, place, culture and exchange and many of the participants are hoping to make links with others which we can definitely help with through encouraging comments on the work produced and virtual meet ups, creating a network of creative digital learning which will last well beyond the Digital Commonwealth project.

Here is a taster of some of work involved in the projects:

  • John Muir trail radio documentary including research, blog, jingle and multimedia trailers
  • Using digital media skills to investigate opportunities for broadcasting
  • A global citizenship project using digital media for linking with other authorities and nations
  • Community land enhancement project using multimedia blogs (Burghhead Brainy Brochers)
  • World War 2 project based around the war memorial and interviewing relatives, documenting this using all four workshop areas
  • Learners collecting stories of community Commonwealth links (e.g. whaling, land clearance, maritime links), helping learners in “becoming contributors to the internet not just consumers”  (this quote comes from Caroline Breyley of Shetland Islands Council)
  • Multimedia blogging exploring migration from the Doon Valley to Glasgow and then further afield to various parts of the Commonwealth
  • S1 elective ICT group to frame their creative responses to the project themes, share their expertise and skills with Primary 7 pupils, leading interactive sessions to pass on their knowledge, enabling others to participate in the project
  • Exploring the challenges faced by island communities to access sports
  • Creating artwork and posters to celebrate Commonwealth values and learning
  • Animation and digital media projects based around Commonwealth countries and the sports in the game).
  • Using ipads to create blogs, audio and video to connect with other schools
  • A storytelling project which will research traditional stories of commonwealth countries to create a storytelling event,  illustrated childrens book and graphic novel shared on a project blog and youtube channel
  • Reporting on and recording a pupil’s eye view of life in the community in the lead up to the CommonwealthGames, including video diaries,  audio recordings (music, soundscapes and interviews)and photographs within a blog
  • “Pits, Ponies, People and Stories” a community based, learning, research and interpretation project based on the development, working lifespan and decline of the mining industry.  Interactive heritage mining map, historical timelines, archive films, intergenerational storybook project, heritage reinactments, exhibition and DVD as part of a South Lanarkshire wide project.

Some of the specific countries where links are to be researched and explored include St Lucia, Canada and Tanzania.

The map below shows the project submissions to date and gives you an idea of the range of ideas across Scotland.  Other submissions are due in the new year. We are very excited to see all the planned projects and very much looking forward to our part in helping make them happen.

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