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Our Principles

The Digital Commonwealth project guiding principles are:

The ‘common-weal’ (def. for the common good) – supporting communities (particularly those who are socio-economically disadvantaged and not well represented in mainstream media) to have a voice through self generated media and creative practice

Common (s) purpose – expressed via the notion of creative commons licensing and a shared sense of purpose in creatively responding to the themes brought about by the Commonwealth Games coming to Scotland

Ownership – we believe that, where possible, our participants should host their own content and retain ownership of it. The Digital Commonwealth project has no intention of commercializing the content you generate and our focus is on supporting targeted communities and individuals to produce and share their own content

Collaboration – from the partners involved in delivery to the participants working together to produce creative content. Individual or group partners adhere to the guiding principles as they contribute to the Digital Commonwealth project

Sharing – open media for non commercial use, including technology, design ideas and Creative Commons licenses

Accessibility in terms of the tools and technologies used to generate content and ensuring that we put as few obstacles as possible in the way of individuals and groups getting involved as content creators

Archiving – by producing digital enabled content, we will be contributing to a larger archive of community-generated materials produced around the Commonwealth Games. This is will be preserved by the National Library of Scotland for future generations to access

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